Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Week

Before school starts. WHAT?! Yep. I have a soon to be Kindergartner. This is insane to me. My sweet Ellie is going to go to school, ride the bus, and be on her way to really growing up and leaving me behind. It's amazing how many mixed emotions I have about this, on one hand, she is READY to go to school. This kid has been reading for almost a year,  is a champ at math, and well, is quite honestly BORED out of her mind at home. Especially since baby brother came along and disrupted our whole summer flow. She is anxious about it, almost every day she tells me how much she is going to miss me, and asks what school will be like. Poor girl, she has inherited her mother's anxieties. I tell her in a cheerful voice how much fun she is going to have, the friends she will make, and how busy she will be, so busy she won't have time to miss me. Her evaluation went really well at school, all the teachers loved her and thought she was so cute and smart. ( I agree)  But, I do know how she feels inside, all too well. She and I are so alike, its scary sometimes, I know what she is thinking, and how she is worrying and wondering about the future. I am the same way. I am trying to encourage all the good thoughts, and keep her focusing on the big picture, but I can't blame her for how she feels, because I am just as anxious as she is for this new chapter in our lives. I hope it is going to be a wonderful adventure that we will take on together.

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