Friday, August 6, 2010

Nine years ago...

On August 4 2001, I married my best friend. I know people say that all the time, but truly, Chris IS, my best friend, and one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. For us, nine years equals 3 beautiful children, five different homes, four duty stations, one over seas tour, one MAJOR career change, coupled with moments of joy, triumph, sadness, hard work and satisfaction. A marriage is many things, but most importantly to me it is about joy and gratitude. I am so grateful for his amazing man I married, so grateful for the life we are building every day together. He is truly my 'best life'.

We spent our anniversary at home with the kids, Chris got me the most amazing bouquet of flowers, and we ate sushi at home. YUM. I baked an oreo chessecake. We mused how subdued the day was, considering the new  little force that entered our lives only six days before. It was so nice just to be home as a family, with life in order thinking back on the past together. I am so grateful for everything we have learned up to this point, and I am totally excited for what lies ahead.

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