Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Leaf

If LAST week was amazingly hard and awful, TODAY was amazing. Let me explain a little bit about the last seven days with our sweet baby Gradon. Until last Tuesday Gradon was on a great pattern of eating, sleeping eating sleeping. He was even sleeping well at night! Well, then last Tuesday rolled around, and napping during the day was OUT! It was totally off Gradon's radar. The past 7 days we have had a very tired cranky baby, and two very worn out parents. In the evenings sometimes we would just hold him so he would sleep in our arms so he would get some kind of a nap, Monday night I cried myself to sleep thinking about how much I dreaded a new week, and Chris was going back to school this week! How was I going to cope!?? I was terrified.

Well, this morning Gradon slept until 9am, went back down without a fuss 2 hours later, slept for 2 hours in his bed, went back to sleep at 4pm, transfered easily to his car seat for Ellie's ballet class, and is STILL sleeping. It's almost like he wore himself out over the past week and now has decided that napping is great. I hope he continues to feel that way indefinitely. Gradon also lost his ambilical chord today and he had his first real bath which he LOVED. It's been a good day for us.

This morning the girls and I took some fun impromptu photos in the gorgeous light in my room. Sophia was especially wonderful today with our little man. Here are a few of my favorites:

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