Sunday, July 10, 2011

California Trip, Chapter 2

Going to California is always a treat. I love going home. I love spending time with my family, I love seeing old friends. This time was much the same. We had a fantastic time. On Monday June 13th we drove from San Diego to Fresno where my parents live. The girls were ridiculously excited to arrive. Both girls had been talking about Grandma's pool and Grandma's toys, and Grandma's garden, and making cookies and well the list goes on. Grandma's house is a big favorite. Once we arrived the girls suited up for the pool and Grandpa served them a plate of cookies. All was as it should be.

The next few days were much like this, in the next morning Sophia appeared in our room bright and early dressed in swim gear. This child LOVES to swim. By the time we left California she had no need for the swim vest. =)

During the week I was content to sleep when I could and enjoy a slower pace. Wednesday we drove Hanford where Chris' brother Dan, and his family live. Dan is also in the Navy and flies Hornets like Chris did once upon a time. Dan and his wife Kelly have three kids almost the same ages as ours, so of course we all get along well.

Zoe, Ellie and Sophia

Zoe, Ellie and Mason Cochran

Time with the Hanford Cochrans was complete with pool time and smoked brisket. YUM. Thursday we spent with my family and invited Dan and his family up to our house for dinner and more swimming.

Chris with his brother Dan, and his daughter Penny

Ellie and Zoe

Friday my brother David and his cute family arrived just in time for the weekend fun and for our Disneyland trip starting the next Monday.

Trina and David Enns

Saturday was a very special day, the day of the long anticipated U2 concert, which will get it's very own post. =) Chris' folks also flew into LAX on Saturday, with plans to spend time with us and the other branches of the Cochran clan. They helped out with Dan and Kelly's kids while we were in Anaheim for the U2 concert. We drove back up to Fresno on the morning of Father's Day after the concert. Chris took Ellie and Gradon to church and I stayed home with Sophia who had a nasty fever.

Father's Day dinner was so fun. My dad 'the grill master' grilled about 5 tri tip roasts, mom made various sides and treats and we all feasted heartily. Gifts were exchanged to all the dads and it was fantastic having both of the Grandpas together with our kids for Father's Day. The girls painted ceramics for Chris and for their grandads. I was so pleased to have everyone together. It was a great day of celebrating our fathers. 

Eating dinner, Zoe Cochran on the left and Hailee Enns on the right.

Charlene Cochran, my mom, and our dear friend Paulie Hutchings

Hailee Enns, my Dad and Mason

Deford Cochran with a few of his grandkids

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Mahaffey Family said...

So fun! I'm so happy you got to spend time with your family! Can't wait for the U2 post!