Tuesday, July 26, 2011

California Trip, Disneyland, part 1

Our last leg of our trip was at one of my favorite places...Disneyland. I love this place. Maybe I love it becuase I have so many memories from my childhood, or that people there are so nice and so friendly and the place is clean and the people who work for Disney are amazing. Really. They are amazing. Another reason why I love this place so much is that we always have a great time, and no matter how many times we go back, it is magical, for everyone.

My parents have a time share with Disney and boy do they love going with their kids and grandkids to the happiest place on earth. We were so fortunate to be able to go, my folks were very generous and made this fantastic vacation possible. Let's talk first about the hotel, The Grand California resort and spa. This hotel is amazing. It is beautiful, it has everything you could possibly want for an extended stay. The pools, the food, the incredible craftsman style architecture, and the rooms are amazing. I don't know why I didn't take any photos of the hotel, I think I was simply too busy. Shame on me, next time. But here are a couple from the web.

Our first day in the park was June 21st. My girls were excited to dress in their favorite fairy costumes so off we went, to the new Little Mermaid ride. One of the nice things about staying at the hotels is you get in early to the parks. The Grand California has an entrance inside California Adventure, so we ate breakfast and the girls and I headed out. Sophia and Ellie both loved the new ride, once Sophia had ridden she determined that it was her favorite ride.

In line for Ariel, first thing in the morning!

After Ariel, we headed to my favorite ride of the week, Midway Mania! The new toy story ride. My folks, Chris and the baby, my sister and her hubby as well as my brother and his family met up for this fun ride. Even G got to ride. It is SO fun.

This might be one of my very favorite pictures of the whole week.

After midway mania we rode the paradise pier carousel and met this little lady:

Sophia was thrilled. Thrilled!

This was just the beginning! Whew! =) Next would be more rides and lunchtime. After lunch we would leave California Adventure for Disneyland and Astro Blasters, the Buzz Lightyear ride, the NEW Star Tours ride, and a little time in Fanstasy Land. The girls had been begging us to go to Cinderella's castle.

In line for buzz lightyear!

Star Tours!

Yay, we made it. =)

Dinner that night was made by Javier, homemade enchiladas...yum. The girls and Chris headed to bed and Anna, Javier and I headed back into the park until late with a walk down into Downtown Disney and then ice cream at Hagen Daas. Fantastic first day!

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