Friday, July 22, 2011

California Trip, Chapter 3

This is the post where I get really sentimental.
(Just to warn you before you delve deeper)

I really enjoy going back to California. I love to see my family, pop in on old friends, visit places that hold memories. This time was no different of course. This time I also tried my best to capture some more simple moments with my camera so I would remember them more accutely. I have found that unless I document everything in my life I just don't remember it like I should. This realization has gotten me to the next thought- that in my own way I have become a historian for my family. I am not much of a writer or journal keeper, but I love photos. Thank goodness for my camera. I actually remembered to take some photos ofmy mom's wonderful garden. She is a master gardner you know, has amazing roses, daylilies and magical corners in her yard.

A few of my favorite sentimental moments from our trip last month were driving up and down and up and down California seeing stretches of road that I have driven a hundred times; (literally) and they still look the same. (We did lots of driving this last trip) Same worn out roadsigns, same run down shop fronts, same green orchards and farmland. It's interesting how these places really don't change for us as we grow up.

I loved watching my girls spend time with my folks. My girls had an amazing time playing at their grandma and grandpa's house. They spent hours playing upstairs in my sister's old room with dolls, books and toys. Oh the messes they made. They made cookies with my mom, played and dug in her garden, and oh yes they swam swam swam swam. They played with their cousins. They discovered my treasures that I played with as a child. It was a joyful time of memory making.

Photos of my mother and her sisters, her with her whole family, and on right- her parents

Assorted family photos of me and my family growing up

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