Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

I was totally dreading today. I laid in my bed last night wondering how I was going to do another week at church without Chris...with my wiggly squirmy overly tired baby...or my pouty and disagreeable 6 year old or my defiant 4 year old.  Why does church sometimes bring out some of the worst behavior in my children?? Oh yeah, and it's my month to do sharing time too, and we have been short handed all month in primary because of the summer break. I went to bed feeling very anxious but said a prayer asking for help to get through the day.  

Sacrament meeting turned out to be one of the longest hours of my week, the minutes seem to crawl by and yes G was hard to manage and yes my girls argued about the only Dora coloring book in the church bag. (*eye roll* they don't even really like Dora anymore and there are so many other great books in the bag to choose life is always about economics it seems) So with part of my sanity in check I left a few minutes early from the meeting to attack the chairs in the primary room and get things going. I also had to get the baby to sleep somehow and collect my thoughts.

Luckily my 2nd counselor was totally on the ball today to help me...she is wonderful. I don't know what I would do without her...and she always has chocolate in her bag to share. I love her to bits. I got the baby to sleep quickly in his seat and was able to pull everything together for both my sharing times. (Sharing time is the part of our childrens' class where a teacher gives a lesson about the gospel. ) My sharing time for both hours went really well. I have to say we had a great time and talking about the temple really helped me put everything in perspective.

Baby slept for an hour which was so needed for everyone. Whew.
Now we are home and getting ready to head out to dinner at Chris' brother's house. We miss our daddy. We are so looking forward to having him home soon. All in all we are doing fine, but Sundays are the hardest. I miss having his calm demeanor to keep me in check and another pair of hands to wrestle the kids.

I must say, I am so proud of his accomplishments!
He is doing so well in his first rotation...learning a lot and getting great experiences. We also got great news about his step 1 test scores... he rocked it! I am so relieved and pleased and grateful that Chris is going to have the options he wants in deciding his specialty. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are stuck with what is left over. Step 1 is over and we can look forward to our last couple of years and come up with our next plan. I can't believe we are even getting to that point in this...but it's quickly.

As for Friday and Saturday night we spent our time at the park near our house. It's one of my favorite parks, has a great view of a man made lake, and the kids literally are happy for about 2-3 hours there. Last night we took a picnic and stayed until Gradon was tired...then we got ice cream.

Three weekends down, only a couple to go without our dad. We miss you honey. Thanks for working so hard for us.


Jeri said...

I am glad your Sunday turned out well. You said you took Gradon to the park with you, but I only see pictures (beautiful ones) of a big boy!

Mahaffey Family said...

It's frustrating sometimes how Sunday can be the most stressful day of the week! I can take Graden this week.