Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Hello Friends! Thanks for hanging in with me over the last couple of weeks, I am finally out of my dark cave and happy to report Christmas is back on schedule. =) I am feeling good again and we are so excited for Christmas day and the week ahead. ( Pssst I have a big birthday coming up...ack!)  

2011 has been an incredible year for us Cochrans, and I wish we would have sent a Christmas letter to share everything with our friends and family. Here is our top 'ten' for the year, 2 highlights per family member:

Chris: Crushing Step 1 and Starting year 3 Woohoo!
Maggie: Seeing U2 in concert and running her first 1/2 marathon!!!
Ellie: Going to Disneyland and dancing again on the competition team!
Sophia: Going to Disneyland/Grandma's house and 'I love preschool'!
Gradon: Learning to walk and being cute and being obsessed with cell phones.

These are a few things that highlight our year. I am so grateful for the progress that we have made in our lives, for the goals we have set and accomplished. This time next year we will know where/what we will be doing for residency. I can't believe that we are getting near the end of medical school! I am amazed at how much I love living here in Maryland, at how many wonderful friends we have, how grateful we are for our ward family, our dance family, our extended family, and I am grateful to be teaching some wonderful kids. I love serving still as the primary president in our ward. We are blessed everyday by the kindness and goodness of our Heavenly Father. 2012 is sure to be more good stuff. Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas !!! have a nice day ~ =D

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