Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twelve Days

Of Christmas in photos! I am going to give myself a goal to shoot something Christmas-y everyday until Christmas. Here is today's photo, took it the day we put the tree up. I am obsessed with bokeh right now. This photo is one of my first attempts. I love these little red bird ornaments. My camera is not super great in low light, a frustrating thing for me, but this one is pretty considering the light and settings. I didn't have the best lens on the camera for bokeh, this was taken with my 28-135mm, ISO 800, f/4.5  at 1/25. I took some of Sophia that are better, and the orbs are pretty. I will get those up tomorrow.

Also, we are counting down the 12 days of Christmas with the kids.  We are going to talk about the life of Christ, and his miracles, and the gifts of the gospel. I got the idea from here. We will read from the scriptures and talk about how each gift is important to us. I think it will be a great way to help the kids remember the real meaning of the season.

Christmas is coming, what are you doing with your family? Are you taking any pretty pictures? Merry Christmas!


Deb said...

ha! i just posted about pictures. yours is gorgeous! :)

Mahaffey Family said...

I love the 12 days of a Christ centered Christmas! Thanks for sharing. Your photos are beautiful! I'll be looking forward to them for the next 10 days!