Thursday, December 15, 2011

Night Shooting

Twelve Days of Christmas photos,day two. I have a nasty cold. Boo. But my cold allowed me to run to the store last night by myself and grab some medicine. I took my camera with me, I was hoping to find some fun lights on the way to shoot a couple of photos for today's post. I have decided that posting one photo per day may not be enough. =) The photo above is from the parking lot at the grocery store, the color Christmas lights are from my neighbor's yard, and that fun golden ball is from our tree. Our neighbor has a lovely light display and I couldn't resist sneaking up to their house and taking a few shots. I realized that the best way to get bokeh is to turn off the AF setting on my camera and go totally manual with the focus. I already shoot in manual mode about 98% of the time, but turning off the manual focus was new. I loved it! So fun. I want to go out night shooting again. Hopefully this time with a tripod and work with some crazy long shutter speeds. I think since I am home sick today I will also try making a filter for the bokeh and experiment with different shapes. =)

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