Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An afternoon at Elioak's Farm

On Friday a friend from the gym invited me and the girls to go to Elioak's farm in Ellicott City. I had driven past this fun little place several times, and thought: "hmm, would that be fun for my kids?" We had a GREAT time.  Elioak's has a small petting area with chickens, geese and rabbits, as well as horses, ponies, a cute calf, pigs and a donkey. They also have a hayride and pony rides and a play area inspired by different nursery rhyme stories. The girls had a blast with their buddies from the gym. They all ran around in a pack looking at everything and exploring. It was so fun to hear Ellie say things like: Mama, thanks for making this day so special, and Mama, I love it here! We finished our visit off by enjoying an ice cream treat. We had to run home and get cleaned up before Ellie's last rehearsal for her ballet recital. I am so glad we tried something new last week, it was good for all of us.

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