Sunday, May 2, 2010

National Harbor

I was determined to find something fun this week to do either with the kids, or as a family. About a month ago I heard that the National Harbor was a great family place to walk around, enjoy the water, shop and eat. There is always so much going on in the areas that we live: Baltimore, DC, the East Coast in general is jam packed with history, culture, and wonderful activities to do with family. If you want to do something fun, on any given day, you can find it! This is fantastic for me. I love exploring and learning about where I live. This weekend at the National Harbor was the Fine Arts Festival. A wonderful outdoor exhibit of the visual arts. The kids loved walking by the water, playing in the fountains, and viewing the different kinds of artwork. I loved all the photography exhibits. We enjoyed gelato by the water and we were so impressed with the atmosphere and planning of the Harbor. Their inspiration for the walking neighborhood of the Harbor is Las Ramblas of Barcelona, a place we have visited, and LOVED. Of course, this walking area is not as long or as big as Las Ramblas, but it has a lovely family friendly feel, all they need is a little more *bohemia* a little more spice, and this area of the harbor will be fantastic. It is a very new place, so I am sure as people discover it and enjoy it, it will take on a nice flavor all its own. They are going to have a Farmer's Market every weekend starting soon, for the next few months, so I hope to get back there some Saturday before the baby is born and before it gets too hot.

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