Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Sweet Moment

Today held some unexpected moments. Today was supposed to be a big day for Chris at school, he was getting his 'white coat' and there was a ceremony for all the first year students. Early in the morning it was apparent that Sophia was not feeling well, she hadn't been feeling her best the past couple of days, and today it was clear that she was sick. By 930 this morning, I had her back in bed and asleep. Poor thing slept for 4 hours! So, during the time that Sophia was recuperating, Ellie and I made this:

Yummy Sour Cream Coffee Cake courtesy of the The Sono Baking Company Cookbook. Ellie was darling, she read the recipe to me and the ingredients and helped me stir, break eggs it was so fun! It was great just the two of us, having time to bake together. She loves to help me, and today it was so unique, her reading to me and helping me, today was another one of those moments where I can't believe how grown up she is, how sweet she is, just how blessed I feel to have such a wonderful girl. After we made our yummy cake, we colored and had some reading time. Sophia woke up feeling so much better, and the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed getting things accomplished around the house and just being together. It was a pretty good day. I feel bad that we missed Chris' white coat ceremony, but I am sure there will be more moments to share with him as he continues his journey through med school.

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