Monday, June 14, 2010

If I had...One Week

Some DEAR friends of ours just arrived in Napoli on three year orders. It has been fun helping them meet people, finding them a FABULOUS house, getting them connected to everything that makes Naples enjoyable: telling them where to shop, eat, what to avoid, where to visit first. It is one year ago next month that we left Italy, and boy do I MISS it some days. Of course, I do remember the bad days, the fear of break ins, the days of no internet, power, the trash problem, difficulties communicating with the locals, the corruption and high costs of things...SURE I remember those days, but I remember the good days and fun times most of all. I don't know if I would want to live again in Naples, but I sure hope I can go back to visit someday. Last night as I dozed off to sleep, I thought, 'wouldn't it be neat to go back, for a full week of my favorite things', forget about the travel time, this is what would I do if I had a full week of whatever I wanted, this is what I would do:

Day 1: Vietri shopping in the Morning, pizza at Il Mondo for Lunch, Bacoli Beach in the afternoon/evening dinner at La Tavola Viola
Day 2: Market Day-Vomero if it's Friday, Caserta or Shoe Alley, or Monterusciello if it is Wednesday. Zepollini Cart, purses, fresh buffalo mozzarella, BREAD. Afternoon- Visit friends Evening- Dinner at Vineria del Mare-Favorite Restaurant in Pozzuoli
Day 3: Amalfi Coast Day Trip
Day 4: Sunday at our old branch, lunch and dinner with friends
Day 5: Cooking Class at Veras,  Afternoon Shopping at Vinci Prova, Dinner at Batis
Day 6: Ischia-Negombo Spa Day- Dinner at Ischia
Day 7; Downtown Napoli Day Trip, Dinner with Friends

Gosh I miss Italy.

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Rileigh said...

um sounds good. How's next week for you?