Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Unusual Sunday

Around here we have been riding what I call the 'pink eye carousel'. Sophia had it last week, I got it next, and now poor Chris is just starting to deal with the symptoms. Ellie is the only one to have avoided the itchy, scratchy, goopy, runny,  horrible redness that accompanies pink eye. The virus has also brought with it a lovely fever and sore throat. Its been pretty miserable. Its Sunday today, and I dread not going to church. I was hoping that I would be able to go today, at least with Ellie. Being primary president, not being at church is difficult, everybody is needed to help things go smoothly. I woke up, stared at my red puffy eye and realized it just wasn't going to happen today. Hopefully tomorrow I will really be on the mend.

So, today has been really relaxed. We had a nice breakfast of homemade waffles (a new recipe courtesy of my friend Cami) family scripture time, games, and reading. Early this afternoon a thunder storm rolled in and dumped a ton of rain on us. Ellie and I enjoyed watching the rain fall as Chris and Sophia slept. She and I went outside after the rain subsided and I took some fun shots of the newly growing flowers in our yard. Hydrangeas (which are another of my favorite flowers), day lilies, and my petunias all looked so pretty drenched in the rain. We also have some very interesting green foliage in our backyard, HUGE leafy plants that I don't know the name of, that were fun to photograph. I must say that rain in June takes some getting used to, where I am from in Central California, we pray and hope for rain during the fall season, and we rarely get this kind of downpour even in the 'rainy season'. This weather is really different, and takes some getting used to. We enjoyed a break from the heat, but I also understand that this is why the humidity can be so oppressive here on the East Coast. Its been an unusual Sunday at home, but I am glad it has had some unexpectedly good moments.

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