Friday, June 4, 2010

And Spring Exits, with Summer Charging in...

It is June, and all I want to know is, where did our lovely spring weather go? It is HOT and the humidity is getting thick. Luckily, the pools have opened up and we have already been, twice. =) Our Memorial Day was crazy wonderful fun. We spent time down at the Baltimore Inner Habor on the Urban Pirates Cruise, ate lunch on the wharf, spent time at the pool, and ate a yummy dinner at home. Ever since Memorial Day things have been crazy busy around here. I am trying to catch my breath and try to not feel totally overwhelmed. For example, today we spent 7 hours running around, dog groomers, commissary run, two doctor visits for me, gymnastics, etc. I am beat. I am also fighting some kind of bug, probably the one Sophia had last week. We are looking forward to seeing some friends from my days at BYU tomorrow, and celebrating my sister in law's birthday on Sunday. Hopefully by then I will be back 100%. Chris' schedule has been winding down, he is starting finals and getting things wrapped up. It is hard to believe his first year of medical school is over, its been busy, but he has done well. With the baby coming in 7 weeks, I am hoping we will see more of him, but the military has plans to keep him busy well through the summer. Luckily he has some leave, and will be able to take time off once our baby boy arrives. We plan on spending more time at the pool, and getting our house ready for our new arrival. Chris and I have both been going through our junk, throwing things away and trying to de clutter our basement. It is amazing how much stuff you acquire over almost ten years of marriage! I think the summer is going to fly by us. I hope we can make some more great memories, like our Memorial Day adventure.

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