Wednesday, July 14, 2010

38 1/2 weeks...and counting

I am so ready to have this baby...or am I? Today I am feeling achy and tired, hot and cranky. Its been great for my poor kids! I can't do anything without having contractions, so the gym is out, even walking up the stairs I have braxton hicks. I really miss having that break in the morning to work out, collect my thoughts, and get that endorphin rush before my day starts. I feel like my routine is totally out of whack. I feel like a mother hen sitting on her egg, waiting for it to hatch, and I am going stir crazy! It has also been rainy and humid here, not a great combo in my book for summer. We haven't been to the pool as often as we would like and that has been frustrating.

I decided early in the week that we needed something fun to look forward to, even in my grouchy and enflated status. We are headed to the beach tomorrow. I hope that it will be fun for the kids, we are going with a few other moms and friends, and I really want them to enjoy themselves. Luckily I can sit and relax a bit, watch them, and take some photos, something I have missed doing lately. Its hard to feel inspired and creative when all you really want to do is just sit and put your feet up. =) Hopefully in a week or so we will have a baby here, and we can adjust and get a routine going again. Here are a few photos from last summer, a great memory that helps me through when I am feeling huge and grumpy. Capri, just Chris and I, June 2009, a litle slice of heaven, our last adventure before heading back to the states.

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