Monday, July 26, 2010


Hospital was full tonight, so we are home waiting again for baby. I had a disappointing visit at the doc's office this morning, hoping my body would be more ready to give this baby up, but not so. Doc said without some cervical ripening, the chances of a c section were greater than if we just induced with the pitcocin. I personally think that I would be okay without it, but I trust the doctor's advice, and don't want to risk anything. I was induced with Sophia with pitocin only, and everything went fine.

So, emotionally I was not excited about the prospect of sitting in the hospital over night, hoping my cervix would be ready for induction after the 12 hours of being 'prepped', and being home tonight is almost a relief for me. Wednesday night we have another appointment, so hopefully everything will come together. The girls are pretty upset, they are ready to meet their younger brother, but in a way, I am glad I have a couple more days to let my body possibly do what it does on it's own. My folks seem okay waiting too, so that is good. It's only two days, so maybe he will show up without help. So, we wait, =).


Kellie said...

Hi Maggie,
Just found your blog after enjoying so much spending time with you during our photoshoot. I'll be thinking of you over the next few days! Take good care of yourself and that little one.

Rileigh said...

You just make too good a home! Hang in there, it will be soon dear friend.