Friday, July 16, 2010

Beach Trip

Yesterday we travelled with some wonderful friends to Flag Pond for a sun-filled crazy day at the beach. There were six moms, 16 kids, lots of good food and several hours of exploring. Ellie has been asking me to go to the beach for several weeks, to collect seashells, and she brought home a bucket FULL of shells. The kids waded in the little pond looking for shells, crabs, rocks, fish and jellyfish! The jellyfish were very intriguing to many of the kids, some were brave enough to pick them up! Flag pond is just far enough away to make you feel like you have had an excursion, but not so far that you are totally wiped out when you turn around and come home. It was a great day, probably my last road trip until after the baby is born, but it was a much needed escape.

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