Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The last week...

Well its been a good week! Lots going on, and great progress made in many areas around here. The best news for this prego mama is that we have an induction date set for next week if baby brother doesn't arrive this week. I will be 40 weeks on Monday, so Monday I will head in for another check up, and see if I am dilated. If I am not, I will go into the hospital that night for some cervidil (cervix ripening gel) and see what happens. If no labor starts, Tuesday morning they will start the pitocin. I really hope he will come without all of this, Sophia was induced 9 days late, and it was an EASY labor and delivery, however, I wish my body just would do this on it's own! I am 50% effaced, which is good, but I was hoping to be moving forward at this point.

Earlier in the week my friend Corinne took some amazing photos of my pregnant self which I am really excited to share! She also got some really fun photos of the girls, its so fun to have a different eye looking through the lens.I am so used to being behind the camera, and honestly, I have avoided the camera lately. I feel so self concious right now in my inflated condition. I decided that it was important to document these precious moments this time around, and I am so happy she agreed to shoot us. She did a wonderful job and it was fun. I have never had maternity pictures taken before, it was a neat experience.

Chris has been home again this week, and will have some more time off before school resumes at the end of the month. He did NOT enjoy his time in PA, and is so happy to be home. We are so grateful to have him back with us. He has been busy again getting some things done around the house. He is working on the curtains for the baby's room. Yes, he is sewing the curtains for the baby's room, and they look amazing! I have a very talented hubby.
So, this week we will continue to prepare for our little boy, enjoy some last moments together as just us four before he arrives. My folks arrive tomorrow to wait for their first grandson to make his entrance into the world, it will be fun to have them here. The summer is flying by us, but we are definitely enjoying our time together. Below is a picture of the girls as we cleaned the many seashells they collected from Flag Pond.

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