Monday, July 12, 2010

Chris is gone...

for a week playing 'army' in the wet gross humid muddy woods with school. He just left an hour ago and I already miss him. The girls are a little shocked by this, Ellie shed real tears. I am hoping they let him come home this weekend and avoid the last week of due and all. It's been so fun having him home for two weeks. He has made amazing progress on all our little projects,and the big ones too. He hasn't been gone a week like this since we were first married. WIERD! He used to be gone all the time. Sometimes for weeks, the longest was 10 months! I guess I have just gotten used to having him home now for dinner, to play with the girls, help with life. I do enjoy the rhythm of our life now. I love knowing he will be home at night. I love chattng with him and  laughing at night before we go to sleep. Not sure what I would do if he was off flying jets again. Boy,  have things changed.

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